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Types of Blogs that Make Money

*This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclaimer for additional details. Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

As a brand new blogger it is normal to wonder what are the types of blogs that make money. We have all heard you can make money blogging so why not get started with a blog that is setup to make money from the start?

The fact of the matter is that there are many types of blogs that make money. You can blog about animals, personal finance, hobbies like crocheting and knitting. You could even start a shoe blog or a blog about music.

Sometimes its hard to realize just how much true potential there is for making money with a blog. We’ve scoured the internet and found some blogs that publish income reports. I think this is a good way to see A) a variety of different money making blogs and B) see how much they earn.

Keep in mind, one of the things we’ve tried to do with this post is not just include the bloggers that are making 10k plus per month. While that is awesome, most bloggers aren’t going to see that kind of success initially. Sure, it is possible, but in this blog, we try to show you the “norm”. Be inspired by the bloggers that have made it big but be OK with your results even if they start off small. You have to start somewhere!

Here are shortcuts in case you want to skip to the topic that most interests you:

  1. Beauty Blog
  2. Food Blog
  3. Home / Lifestyle Blog
  4. Animal Blog
  5. Mom Blog

With that being said, let’s get started!

Best Blogs to Make Money

Beauty Blog

by Liana Desu

Liana Desu blogs about a variety of different topics but from what we can see, Beauty is definitely her forte! She also blogs about travel AND she posts her income reports! This one from December 2018 gives you a complete breakdown of how she earned $497.89 from her sixth month blogging!

What I Love about Liana’s Blog:

  1. Liana gives a breakdown of income earned by source.
  2. Blog traffic reports are include. This lets us know how many views she had for those earnings.
  3. She analyzes her own progress for what worked and what didn’t for the month.
  4. We learn what blogging tools she uses.
  5. She writes down her goals for the next month.

Food Blog

by Bailey at the WholeKitchenSink

Bailey blogs about recipies, Whole 30, Paleo and more on her blog, While she doesn’t post her income reports every month, when she does they have some good insight. Now I’d like to clarify that Bailey has rocked it with this blog. I think we’d all love to see the success she has had. I think her income is exceptional and definitely above average but I chose to feature her September 2017 income report because she tells us two great things about how she achieved this success:

  1. Bailey made less than $1 her first month blogging.
  2. She put a LOT of hard work into the blog to get it where it is today. This wasn’t an hour a week project for her.

I think looking at income reports from bloggers like Bailey is realizing that to truly make blogging into a full time income, you need to put in the time.

What I Love about Bailey’s Blog:

  1. Bailey breaks down income AND expenses.
  2. She tells us what she could have done differently for the month.
  3. This post gives us a realistic view of what it has taken to get the blog to this point in 7 months.

Home / Lifestyle Blog

by Clary at OhClary

Clary blogs about home, lifestyle, DIY kinds of things. This blog is great for most mom’s (or dad’s). You can learn about budgeting ideas, storage and organization, recipes and more. Lots of great articles on a variety of topics that kind of naturally fit together. My favorite posts are about how to make money off of DIY crafts. Everybody needs that extra cash right!

One of the things you might notice when you take a look at her posts is the continuity of the thumbnails she uses. Imagine seeing one on Pinterest. Now that you are familiar with her blog, because her images look visually similar, you would be more likely to pick out one of her pins if it came up in a Pinterest search, and then click through to read the blog post.

What I Love About Clary’s Blog:

  1. We learn what worked and what didn’t work.
  2. She gives us a breakdown of the new posts she added for the month.
  3. We can see Clary’s traffic information. I love when bloggers do this!
  4. She shares income AND expenses.
  5. Goals! I love that Clary has them and shares them with us.

Animal Blog by April Lee

OK yes this is my blog, but I think it is a great example of a blog that earns income by blogging about a topic I love! In fact, I have two horse related blogs (different niche’s) that I run and post on.

One of the things you may notice about this blog is that I post on a wide variety of topics. Everything from health to DIY to grooming and art projects. The blog is aimed for people that are brand new to owning horses so writing the articles comes very easy to me.

Check it out and think about how you could do something similar for the animal you are an expert on. Maybe dogs, box turtles, guppy fishes or parakeets. People, like you, that own these animals want to learn more about them and you could totally start a site just like this one! The post I link to below is one of my most popular.

This blog about horses made just over $400 in 2018 and already almost $300 as of the end of April 2019.

Mom Blog

by Italian Polish Momma

This blogger writes some really well thought out articles related to motherhood. Her writing style is easy to follow and I love how her images all have the pink and bright blue color scheme.

I love how her blog is primarily focused on all things mommy but she’s taken some time to write a few posts about how she is earning money blogging which is great too!

What I Love:

  1. She gives us data. Like how much time she spends per week on her blog (10-20 hours).
  2. She gives traffic information.
  3. Details on Posts created for the month and some data for Tailwind Tribes.
  4. Income Breakdown
  5. Social Media Numbers

The Takeaway

Reviewing other blog income reports in other niches I think is really helpful. I really am looking forward to taking some of the information I learned and applying it to my own blogs.

Blog Content Creation

I have known that my content creation needs a lot of improvement. Since I “started” I’ve posted 3 or less new articles per month and sometimes none. That is really something I need to improve on.

Setting Blogging Goals

What I realized is that I’m failing to set goals each month. I should be doing a reflection. I think the girls above that have done a reflection do a great job of looking critically at their blog. They can give themselves a pat on the back for the things they did well but also look at how they should change their strategy for the coming month.


Blogging is all about experimentation! I love the idea of posting the articles you created for the month AS WELL AS the top performing articles for the month. I know some of my articles do way better than others but I think that consistently looking up the top 3 or the top 5 would go a long way towards helping me hone my content to what my readers really like.

Types of Blogs That Make Money