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2021 Money Saving Charts

Each of these charts has been designed specifically for 2021. Even so, none of them are dated so you can start anytime! Set a goal, pick a chart and start saving!!

2020 Trackers

  1. Hello 2020 – 8.5 x 11 Printable
  2. $2,020 in 2020 52-Week Printable – Dollars
    €2020 in 2020 – Floral (Euros)
  3. $2,020 in 2020 52-Week
    €2020 in 2020 – (Euros)
  4. Twenty $20’s in 2020
  5. Save $1,404 in 26 Weeks
  6. Set Your Own Goal 26-Week
  7. $20 Saving Tracker – 52-Week
  8. $20 Saving Tracker 52-Week – Blue
  9. Mason Jar Saving Tracker 52-Week – Blank
  10. 2020 Saving Money 52-Week – Blank

Customizable Trackers

Excited about saving money or paying off debt but want a printable that uses YOUR numbers? Click the image below to access the savings & debt tracker printable generator. Be sure to check out the post for instructions and tips and ideas for staying motivated!


This is best accessed on a desktop computer. Please refer your friends to the post and don’t share or link to the generator itself as I update its location often. Don’t worry, it is always linked correctly here!

Click to Read Post / Instructions for Worksheet Tool

52-Week Savings Charts

Each of these charts has 52 “spaces” for you to fill in but, remember, they aren’t limited to a 52-week challenge. Most of them can be used as just regular savings trackers at any time of the year. Pick the amount you want to save and start saving today! What are you waiting for?

Monthly Saving Challenges

Sometimes 52-weeks is just too big of a commitment. Other times, you may want to challenge yourself to do more. Whether you are saving actual dollars, earning money with a side-hustle or competing in a pantry challenge, these monthly saving challenge trackers will help you reach your goals!

Monthly Savings Trackers are now Emailed to Newsletter Subscribers Each Month

Penny Saving Challenges

These challenges all relate to the penny challenge post. More printables are coming for this category including the 26-week printable and the 52-week printable.

Budget Binder Printables

This section contains all of the budget binder printables as well as any budgeting related printables that don’t fit in another category right now like kid’s savings trackers, start any-time trackers, etc.

Home & Decor Printables

This section is for DIY Art, Inspirational Quotes and house related printables like pantry challenges, productivity, etc.