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7 Ways to Decorate for Free

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Changing your home from time to time is perfectly natural, but it is not always feasible. Imagination is a valuable asset but your budget may not always permit you to make the design changes you desire. So how do you mix it up and add new design elements to your home without breaking the bank? It is possible. We’ve come up with seven ways to decorate for free. Which will you try first?

1.  Use Leftover Paint to Give Items a New Look

If you have read my article on ways to use leftover paint samples, you already know I’m a big fan of this one.

If you have done some painting lately, you must have leftover paint in a can somewhere in the house or the garage. Keep some for wall touch-ups and use the rest to spruce up items in the house.

Big wooden dresser with different color of light paints and books on the top
The “After” Version of a Dresser I Painted with Leftover Paint Samples!

You can paint that piece of furniture to make it blend in and look more intentional or pain a jar to give a little oomph and character. Frames, dressers, chairs, etc. All make great candidates. Don’t forget to get a before and after!

2.  Add a Little Fabric

Adding a piece of fabric to your furniture can change its look completely. If you have extra scarves or a throw blanket in storage, it’s time you put them to some use. All you need is to artfully arrange them on your sofa to add a different pattern and strike a new look.

Have a favorite shirt that just doesn’t fit right? Turn it into a pillow cover.

3.  Go Natural

Ever taken a nature walk and came back home feeling refreshed and calm? Nature has a way to make everything better, and it’s the perfect place to start if you want to redecorate. The organic material will add color, shape, and life to any room bringing it to life within a few minutes.

Potted plants are a great breathing centerpiece and a perfect way to fill up empty corners. If caring for a plant is too much work, occasionally switch flowers with pretty branched and enjoy them for a short while.

4.  Create Visual Symmetry

If you buy decorating items in pairs, then you are in luck. You can add a little balance to your room by pairing them. If you don’t have two of a kind, you can create symmetry and tranquility with a bit of creativity. For instance, you can place a shorter lamp on a book or use different items with the same height and size to complement each other such a small trunk at the end of a table.

Pinterest Pin - 7 Ways To Decorate For Free

5.  Design a Home Gallery

Using photos is the traditional way to design a gallery, and it’s perfectly fine. If you are looking for something a little unconventional, print a few stock images with your home printer and frame them.

This gallery wall by Karen @slowmotionmama is a great example of that. If you don’t have frames of the same color, mix it up with complimentary colors or use your leftover paint to make them over!

House Wall Full of Photo album gallery
Gallery Wall by Karen @ SlowMotionMama

Alternatively, look for stuff that makes you happy and groups them to create a happy space. Make your gallery feel unified by sticking to a single theme. You can also frame drawing by your little one and use them for the gallery.

Keep in mind that lots of bloggers offer free printable wall art you can use to decorate your space. I even made some cute pineapple wall art for summer!

6.  Rotate Accessories From Room to Room

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it still works. If you have had something for a long time, put it away for a while or use it to decorate a different room.

Rearranging furniture in a room can give it a whole new look as well! Do you have two chairs? Swap them? Can you move your couch into a new spot or a new angle? Try mixing things up!

7.  Use Open Shelves to Your Advantage

Pull out your pretty patterned plates and give them a little love and attention from admirers. If you are bored with closed cabinets, unscrew the doors and display the perfectly arranged inside or get organized if they are cluttered.

Decorating for free is a great way to use your imagination, have fun and save on cash. You can create an entirely new look with the same items you had before if you tap into your artsy side.