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November Money Saving Challenges

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Just like that November is here and most of us will now start preparing for the holiday season. No doubt this year will be different than most but we can still have fun with some money saving challenges this November.

This month I have created four new printable for resource library members (sign up below!). There is one no-spend challenge and three money-saving challenges.

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Let’s have a look!

November No-Spend Challenge

november no spend challenge printable form

Have you ever heard of “no-spend November”. It has a catchy tune to it don’t you think!

November is the perfect month to start a no-spend challenge if you have never tried one before (or even if you have).

Of course, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, remember that it IS ok to make your own rules with these challenges. Go for 10 days or 15 days, especially if this will be your first time.

November $2 Saving Challenge

November $2 Saving Challenge free printable form

If you want to save this month but know that you won’t be able to hit big savings goals, this is the perfect tracker for you.

It even makes a great kids savings tracker to keep track of extra money earned from chores or helping out the neighbors.

Each turkey or pumpkin colored in represents $2 saved. Color them all in and you will have saved $60 by the end of the month!

November $5 Savings Challenge

November $5 Savings Challenge Free Printable Form

Up for a little bit more of a challenge in November? If so this $5 Money Saving Challenge is perfect for you.

Color in a pie for every $5 you are able to save during the month of November. If you fill in all 30 you will have saved $150!

November $225 Money Savings Challenge

November $225 Money Savings Challenge Free Printable Form

What is cuter than a pair of squirrels and their walnuts? With this money saving challenge, each nut represents either $5 or $10.

Every time you save, color in a walnut. If you are able to “collect” them all by the end of the month you will have saved $225 in November.

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