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December Money Saving Challenges

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Hello December, Good Bye 2022!

Money saving challenges and December are kind of like oxy morons. Let’s face it, most of us are going to spend more than usual this month.

December Money Saving Challenges Free Printable Form

The current situation means that some families aren’t as able to spend this holiday as they might want to.

I’ve designed 3 saving challenges for the month of December.

December No Spend Challenge

december no spend challenge printable

The first challenge is a no-spend challenge. Now, let’s be realistic here. There are very, very few of us who won’t be spending this holiday season.

It kind of just is the norm (but you can totally dare to be different!).

Pinterest pin - December Money Saving Challenges

This printable no-spend tracker has multiple options for coloring items in. You are free to choose what will get colored this month and which ones will be your “free” spaces.

December $2 Savings Challenge

december two dollar saving challenge printable

When I saw these winter llama graphics I just knew I had to use them!

If you still want to maintain the habit of saving during December but also want to be realistic, this $2 savings challenge tracker may be just what you need!

December $5 Savings Challenge

december five dollar saving challenge

If you’re feeling ambitious this December, try the $5 money-saving challenge printable.

This free money saving tracker is super simple and will help you track your way towards $155 in savings!

December Giving Challenges

woman putting clothes in a donation box

I’d like to take a moment to say that, if you feel called to, these could also be giving challenges this month. Instead of saving, consider giving. This could be to a church, a family in need, gifts for a donation box, toys for tots, etc.

This is the perfect time of year to give back and start the good Karma ball rolling for 2023.