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19 Ideas for a No-Spend Weekend

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After an intense week of work, school, or both, you deserve nothing but fun throughout the weekend. However, you don’t have to spend too much to have fun.

How can you have fun on the weekend without spending money? Discover nineteen ways to enjoy a no-spend weekend by reading this article.

1. Walking

Young man walking in the park zone

Do you love taking a walk? If you are someone who loves getting lost in their thoughts or fully synchronizing with nature and their environment, you’d definitely love taking a walk.

While walking, the soothing breeze, beautiful people that you see, and nature have a way of calming you down. If you walk into a place with happy memories, you’ll feel happy, as it may seem like you are reliving those memories.

When walking, choose quiet paths that can help you think properly.

Also, avoid walking too close to busy roads so that you can concentrate on your thoughts.

2. Riding a Bike

Young beautiful woman on vintage bike with basket rides in the park

Riding a bike is similar to walking. However, you get to reach your destinations faster, exercise your legs more, and feel more wind on your cheeks

Riding a bike can also help you focus on the present, as you need concentration so that you do not make mistakes or get into an accident while riding. You simply have to focus.

To clear your mind with bike riding, ride your bike early in the morning or in the evening so that you will not get distracted. Don’t go out riding when the road is full of people and vehicles.

3. Working Out

young blonde female in sportswear doing exercise for abs with fit-ball indoor at home

If you work out, you’ll agree that working out helps with more than just building muscles. Going to the gym is a good way to relax your mind and even helps your mental health.

Many people can’t stop going to the gym or working out at home because they have found peace in the practice. Try it too and you will find peace as well.

During weekends, do simple exercises that will not drain your energy. Also, find a partner so that you can work out together and motivate each other.

4. Explore Local Events

Candid moment at a social event in the park

Is there any free local event scheduled to take place on the weekend? Maybe a school is inviting parents to come see their kids perform or a museum is organizing an awareness campaign.

It does not matter what the event is about, so long as it concerns you and you are interested, try going to whatever event you’ve been invited to. You’ll meet new people and learn new things.

You could also get entertained, and entertainment helps relax your mind.

5. Learn More About the World

It does not matter if you are a curious person or not, you have a chance of improving your knowledge during the weekend.

You can do internet research, read books, or explore other ways to find the answers to questions bothering you.

Do you have any belief but don’t know its history? Would you like to know the cultures and values of where you come from? The weekend is your chance to learn more about your world.

6. Spending More Time With Your Pets

Woman spending time walking with her dalmatian dog at the street

If you love animals, you’d agree that seeing the animal happy will make you instantly happy. Spending time with your pets will not just make you happier, it will help you and your pets to bond faster.

Give your pets some treats, take them out for a walk, visit the park, and do whatever you can do to make your pets happier.

Throughout the work week, your pets were missing you. Now is their chance (yours too) to be with you. Give them the chance.

7. Feeding Animals at the Park

Young woman feeding seagulls with sunset sky background

If you don’t have pets, you can still enjoy the satisfaction that comes from seeing happy animals. Go to a park and if allowed, feed the animals there.

Feeding animals such as ducks, squirrels, and raccoons will draw them closer to you. Seeing them eat what you’re giving them or even eating directly from your hands will make you feel satisfied.

Please give only healthy and approved treats to animals at the park so that they can stay healthy.

8. Visiting Friends and Family

There’s nothing like family. No matter how you choose to look at it, you’ll surely realize one day that as humans, we are a social species.

This means that we need other humans to stay happy. This is why we have family and friends.

When last did you check up on your family? What are your plans with your friends for the weekend?

This time (the weekend) is all you have for socializing easily with people, so make use of it to the fullest.

9. Meditating

Young woman in sportswear meditating in front of sunrise on beach shore

Do you have a lot of things bothering you? Do you have so many activities to do but they all look confusing in your mind? It is time to mentally free yourself.

Meditation gives you personal time to do a lot of thinking and relax your mind. Meditation is just what you need if you feel too busy deep inside your mind.

Go to a very quiet spot, sit or rest in a very comfortable position, and get lost in your thoughts. You can medicate before doing anything else during the weekend.

10. Going to Your Place of Worship

If you are a religious person, you’ll definitely have a lot of activities to do during the weekend. From going to your place of worship to having fun with others, you’ll feel relaxed when you spend time with people who share similar spiritual values with you.

You can also try exploring the beliefs of other people. It will help you to understand the world (outside your perspective) better.

11. Reading

Young relaxed woman in casualwear reading book while sitting by kitchen table

Reading is a very good way to explore the world or simply get lost in your imagination. You can read any type of book, be it fiction or non-fiction.

However, ensure that you enjoy what you are reading.

You don’t have to read everything in a book completely in one weekend. You can create a reading schedule. Just ensure that you have enough time to understand what you’re reading.

12. Writing

A very good way to express yourself is through writing. While you can speak to yourself, talking alone cannot document your thoughts.

You can write out your thoughts, express your emotions, and even make some plans through writing. Get a diary so that you can have all of your thoughts in one place.

13. Detailing Your Plans

Beautiful Asian woman in white dress laying on sofa bed and writing in her notebook

Sometimes, people write wish lists and think that they are writing their plans. A plan includes detailed steps to achieve your goal (or wish).

If you’d love to do something before the year ends, write out the steps to achieve this. Find people who can help you achieve it and write them out as well.

You have the weekend to help yourself get closer to your goals.

14. Spending More Time With Your Lover

couple spending more time together, having a nice picnic at the park spending nothing

Are you currently dating someone? If so, you have to put them in your plans for the weekend.

Before having a no-spend weekend, get your partner involved and tell them why you want such a weekend.

Your partner will most likely support your decision and even find more free activities that you both can do together.

15. Helping Your Old or Sick Neighbors

This is a very good thing to do. A lot of people have to tidy their homes, mow their lawns, and do other things on the weekend. However, some people, such as the old or sick, cannot go out to do these things.

If you have any old or sick neighbors in your neighborhood, it would be awesome if you can help them with some tasks.

16. Replaying Songs and Movies From Your Childhood

woman rewatching her favorite childhood movie at home

If you had a lot of fun during your childhood and would love to remember how you felt, find some of your favorite songs from the past and play them. These songs will give you memories of old.

Movies can also help. When watching a movie or playing a song of old, you’d get happy memories and will surely smile. You can play one old movie per weekend.

17. Doing Any Random Act of Kindness

What if you just get spontaneous and do something good for someone? The happiness (and even tears) on the person’s face is just what you need to get going.

Making people genuinely happy is the fastest way to be happy, so find someone who you can help and help the person. You don’t have to spend much to help people.

18. Righting Your Wrongs

Did you hurt anyone? Did you abandon a group or project? Use your free time on the weekend to right these wrongs.

If someone is yet to forgive you for something that you did, call the person, and try to make amends with them.

For your abandoned projects, try starting them now that you have the chance.

19. Try Out Something New With Friends

Group of happy hiker friends trekking as part of healthy lifestyle outdoors activity

You don’t have to stick to a routine on your no-spend weekend. If a friend suggests something that sounds fun, try it out so long as it is legal and safe.

Spending time with friends and doing activities together will keep you happy and help create memories that you will look back to one day and smile.


As you can see, it is fully possible to have fun throughout the weekend without spending a dime.

Remember that you can mix a couple of activities listed in this article and not do just one.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that your purpose in doing it is to have fun and feel relaxed.

Therefore, it’s totally fine to do something you enjoy doing, so long as you don’t get carried away.