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August Money Saving Challenges

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This month I have one design for you and three savings challenge printables.

When considering how much money to save in August, remember that there are several ways to accomplish the same goal.

Sure, putting more money in your bank account is one way to save but, there are others to consider as well. Skipping the coffee store once a week, for example, can easily save you up to 7-8 each day depending on what you drink.

Likewise, sometimes challenging yourself to go without spending, i.e. to increase your no-spend days via our no-spend challenge, can help you realize that sticking to just a few days a week for spending helps you stay more conscious and stick to your budget.

I know there aren’t many this month but I hope these August savings challenges inspire you!

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Let’s have a look at them!

August Dollar Challenge

This challenge is easy. $1 on day one, $2 on day 2, etc.

If you follow this savings challenge you’ll have saved $496 by the end of August.

Remember, though, this is YOUR challenge. Mix it up if you want. If $496 just doesn’t seem doable, pick even days or odd days. You could even do only days that have a 3.

The idea is to make saving fun!

Pinterest Pin - August 31-Day Dollar Savings Challenge

August Nickel Saving Challenge

If you are looking for a savings challenge for a kid or, things are just very tight but you still want to move toward your savings goal, this August Nickel Savings Challenge is perfect.

Start by saving just $0.05 on day one, $0.10 on day two, etc.

By the end of the month you will have saved $24.80

Pinterest Pin - August 31-Day Nickel Savings Challenge

August No-Spend Challenge

If savings challenges aren’t your thing or, if you want to add to them and mix things up even more, try a no-spend challenge.

Simply color in the pineapples for the days you manage to spend $0. Of course, be sure to check out our no-spend challenge post for other clever ways to use this to meet your goals.

Pinterest Pin - August 31-Day No Spend Challenge