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Should You Freeze Your Credit Card in Ice?

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Does your heart flutter every time you see your credit card bill in the mail. You go through all your expenses in the past billing period all at once and start calculating in your head just how much this bill will be.

credit cards buried in snow

After you open that envelope, your flutter becomes a full-blown attack when you see that your bill is stacking up. You get stressed. And people who are stress-shoppers go into shopping mode again.

This cycle goes on and on and on and ultimately, you’re trapped under the mountain of credit card debt.

Maybe you think that not stepping out of your home will help control your debt but that is no longer the case. The Internet has made shopping an at home and indoor activity.

From the comforts of your bed, you can buy anything your heart desires simply by pressing some buttons. While surfing the Internet aimlessly, we often come across things that win our hearts and the next moment we are typing out our credit card number.

The easy accessibility of credit cards can be blamed for all the impromptu decisions that are made buying items we desire but do not require. So what’s the solution?

Well the solution is quite simple- make accessibility to your credit card difficult. But how can you do it? There is a simple method that has worked for lots of people across the globe: freeze your credit card in ice. But is that it?

frozen credit card in a block of ice

How To Freeze Your Credit Card?

It’s really simple. Just take your card, put it in a baggie or bowl filled with water and keep it in the back of the freezer so that it’s not visible to you every time you open the freezer. This will help you gain control over your impulse shopping.

What Do You Do When You Need The Card?

When you actually need to use the card, just melt the big ice cube or break it using a hammer. Either way, you will be spending some time accessing the card and reflecting on whether you need it or not. Sometimes, the tedious process might make you lose interest in making the purchase altogether, saving you from unnecessary charges to your credit bill.

Maintaining Your Account

When you freeze your card, it might get cancelled due to inactivity. Therefore it may be necessary to use your card every six months or so if you have a zero balance. However, if there is some balance left on your card or the bills get automatically charged to your card, then there is no fear of cancellation due to inactivity.

woman holding credit card in one hand

In order to keep your card active, there is no need to go on a shopping spree. You can make small purchases or buy some necessary items using the card and that works just as well as a big charge. Alternatively, you can defrost your card whenever you need to make large purchases such as appliances.

After you have defrosted your card, do not forget to refreeze it. if keeping you card frozen helps you stay out of debt, it must return to the freezer right away.

We hope that freezing your credit card will help you to keep your expenses under control and avoid being buried under a mountain of debt.