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11 Simple Reasons to Use Disc-bound Notebook Systems and Planners

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Disc-bound planners have the capability to change your life forever. Sound dramatic? Well, get ready to be convinced because I’m about to list 11 solid reasons to believe in this amazing system for getting your life organized and clutter-free.

Whether you are planning on building your career, starting an online business, or making the budget for your house, you often need tools to keep all your important documents in one place. You rely on the traditional notebook systems for writing your stuff, but often feel frustrated when you need to make some additions and are unable to do so because is no space left on the page.

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Then you resort to sticky notes and other such items that promise to make your life easier but in the end, just make it more complicated. What do you do, then? Well, there is an answer to avoid all this messiness in your life. You need to discover the disc-bound notebook systems and planners.

What’s disc binding? Disc binding is somewhat like a spiral notebook. The only difference is that instead of a solid metal spiral that holds the pages together, there are plastic or metal discs that can be popped in and out of the cover as you desire.

These discs give you the flexibility of adding and removing papers to and from the system as needed.

Disc-bound notebook systems and planners bring with themselves the flexibility of a binding system minus the bulk of traditional binding systems involving rings. It basically brings together a 3-ring binder system and a spiral-bound book.

As promised, here are 11 reasons to use the disc-binding and planning system.

1. Flexibility

In the disc-bound system, you can easily remove as well as rearrange the pages to your heart’s desire. Since there are no rings that need to be opened or closed, you have the freedom of simply lifting a page right out of the system and then placing it back in just as simply. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Less Bulky

There is no additional bulk such as that of the traditional ring-bound system. The discs remain quite compact and even when you open up your binder, they do not take up a whole lot of space. 

3. Easy to Handle

The discs do not get in the way of your work and can be folded easily when you are done with the work, just like a spiral-bound notebook. If you are not writing extremely close to the margins, there will be no discomfort. However, if you are a right handed person and you are writing on the left side of the layout, extremely close to the right side of the page, then you might face some troubles.

Otherwise, it is as easy as it can get. Even this problem has an easy solution. You can simply take out the page from the system, write whatever you need to write and then simply reinsert it into its place. Can it get any better? Well, Yes!

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4. Page Security

One of the questions that often bugs new users of the binding system is whether the pages will fall out or not. Well, rest assured. Your pages will never fall out, even if you shake it hard.

If there are a lot of pages on the disc, they might pop out when you turn the planner. However, even then, the pages will not just fall out from the planner randomly. The discs have a very strong hold on the papers and don’t just let go.

5. Save Paper, Save Environment

One of the biggest advantages of using a disc-bound notebook system and planner is that the punch that you make in the page does not remove much paper and leaves you a lot of space to work. This way, you can contribute a little toward saving your environment! Plus, it’s easier on your pocket.

6. Use Any Size of Paper

This system gives you the freedom of punching paper of any size into the system. You can now say goodbye to loose index cards, invitations, random notes, and sticky notes. All you need to do is punch the paper and “voila!” You are good to go!

7. Pocket Friendly

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This planning system is not harsh on the pockets. Many of its parts like the covers and the discs are reusable. At the end of the year, all you need to do is remove all the pages from the binder, add a few dot grid pages and you are set to use it like a general notebook.

8. Interchangeable Products

All the disc-bound products are interchangeable. You might find a few minor differences such as the exact shape of the hole or the depth of punch present on the page, but none of these differences make any of the products incompatible.

9. Customizable Cover

With the disc-bound system, you can even customize and interchange your covers. Awesome, right! Now you don’t need to stick to one cover throughout the year and you can customize it to your liking.

10. Paper Compatibility

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One of the advantages of using disc-bound system is that you can use any type of paper of your choice. You need not stick to only one kind of paper that has been provided with your binder but can mix and match and give your binder a unique look!

11. Additional Back Pockets

This planning system gives you the option of adding pockets in the back of the binder for holding loose paper and other important items. The back pockets come in handy when your are in a hurry or when any of the paper falls out of the binder.

I’m sure that after reading all the advantages that the disc-bound system and planner offers, you’re itching to create your own binder. So, what are you waiting for? Get your discs, paper puncher, paper of your liking, covers, and dividers and create your own binder in the most budget-friendly and flexible way possible. You will be amazed by the kind of change it brings to your life. Don’t wait any longer and get to work, today!