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7 Best Gifts for a Second Baby (and Their Parents)

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If you are a parent, you know and understand that having a baby at home is a full-time duty. Having two children only doubles these duties and somehow halves the time. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be scared or flustered!

Many second-time moms feel that they are more prepared and in much more control of things for their second (or subsequent pregnancies).

cute baby holding a gift

If you know someone who is expecting their second (or subsequent) child, you can help them enormously by gifting the items mentioned below. Each of these items in the list below are tried and true.

These items will make the perfect gift for parents to second kids and will make you very popular as that thoughtful friend/relative/colleague who gave the perfect gift to the parent! It’s a win-win situation.

If you are the mom to be, consider signing up for the Amazon Baby Registry. It makes it easy for gift-givers to buy exactly what you need from anywhere in the world!

Diapers (and More diapers)

mother changing her baby's diaper on bed

The first item in the list is diapers. With a toddler and an infant in the house, diapers are the first thing that parents will need.

They can never have enough diapers, really. If you are unsure of the right fit and size, it is best to give them a gift card. They will be very thankful.

Ergonomic Baby Sling/Carrier

mommy using a baby sling carrier for her baby girl

There is nothing more useful than an ergonomic baby sling or carrier for the second-time parents when they go out.

With two kids now demanding their attention, there will be plenty of out of the house activities for the parents and an ergonomic carrier will allow them to wear the baby safely as they go about their daily duties.

Backpack for baby number two

baby trying to grab her mommy's backpack

While parents tend to buy the sling bag with the cutest prints and plenty of pockets for their first born, they need both hands free by the time the second baby arrives.

Thus, a backpack to carry baby-related stuff will be another perfect gift. With a backpack stowed away on their back, they can easily segregate their stuff and remain hands-free to attend to both kids’ needs.

Babysitting Offer

energetic mom playing active games with baby boy

There is nothing more precious and priceless to the second-time parents than the gift of babysitting. They need some quiet time and a break from their extremely busy routine.

If you can babysit one kid or both, even if only for a couple of hours, it will mean a lot to the parents and they will always think of you in high regard.

Vouchers for cleaning services

In the middle of handling two kids, maintaining a routine can be tough. This is where your gift in the form of vouchers for cleaning services will be very useful for the parents. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a thoughtful gift?

Gift cards from baby stores or websites

burlington store gift cards

Sometimes, it is best to let the parents decide what they want for the second child. Nobody knows what supplies or items they may have already arranged for.

This is where gift cards from baby stores and websites can make great gifts for parents. These give them the freedom to choose the things that they want, saving unnecessary formalities.

Coordinated clothes and accessories for the siblings

Generally, parents are crazy about photographs. They want to capture every tiny detail and milestone of their children’s growth and development. It can become expensive to buy matching or coordinated outfits for multiple children so this gift would help the second-time parents immensely. These outfits will make for great pictures, and will be very much appreciated.

With these gifting ideas, you will rock at choosing the best and most useful items for second-time parents.