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Money Matters: Spend It or Save It?

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Are you one of those people who can’t really keep their cards in the wallet? A person who just likes to spend but then you cringe about it after going back home?

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Then, my dear friend, this article is for you. Read on for the key to figuring out what can help you to save a little money without compromising your wants.

Most people now know the significance of keeping record of their expenses. Tracking the inflow and outflow of cash helps you know where you stand. Are your expenditures more than your income? Finding this out can be a real eye opener!

If you start off by tracking your expenditures on a daily basis, you’ll be able to have a better idea of where all your money is going.

Keeping Track of Your Money

Once you track you daily expenses, multiply the given amount by 30 (thirty days in a month) and then multiply that amount by 12 (twelve months in year). The resulting digit is your expected annual expense. Shocked?

If this has helped you realize how important it is to save every tiny bit of money that you can, let’s get into how to go about it. A money saving goal tracker is essential for everyone who cares about money and is striving to save some.

Saved money gives you much more support than the phrase “I have your back” ever will. Your savings back you up in emergencies, surprise expenditures and everything else when it comes to finances.

Benefits of Tracking Your Money?

There are innumerable benefits one can list about using a money saving goal tracker. It not only helps you to reach your goal by saving the money you need for expenses, but also helps you to lead a more disciplined life and helps you become a more reliable individual. Saving a fixed amount on every pay check may one day add up to another pay check all together!

calculator with text track expenses and some bills and coins on the table too

How to Track your Money?

You can keep the count and track of the money you are saving either by writing it down, or you can use technology to make your task simpler. there are countless applications that can be used as budget calculators. Just a few swipes and touches here and there on your computer or phone, and you’re ready with your savings goal tracker.

The Verdict

Saved money gives you the courage to take baby steps to your bigger goal because you know there is something you can fall back on. Your savings will help you achieve your goals faster, will encourage and motivate you to set the goals a little higher, and will also give you confidence to be out there in the world and face all the challenges life has to offer.

A money saving goal tracker will give you cushioning you need. It will help you make those big decisions in life because believe it or not most of our life decisions depend on our bank account balance!

So now is the time to make a list of your expenses, download a money saving app, or open up an excel sheet and start typing!

Happy Saving!