10 Penny Challenge Variations to Jump Start Your Savings

If you saved a penny a day for a year you would have $3.65. If you did the penny challenge instead, you would have $164.71 after 6 months and $667.95 after 1 full year.

Here are some of the Penny Challenge to help you save!

Reverse Penny Challenge

With the reverse penny challenge, we reverse the order of savings so you start with the higher amounts and move towards the lower amounts.

Penny Challenge Mashup

Mashups are my favorite way to do any savings challenge. Some weeks I have more to save, some weeks I have less.

52 Week Penny Challenge

If you get paid weekly this is the challenge for you. Instead of worrying about daily amounts, I’ve listed everything in weekly totals. This makes it easier for you to pick a day and save the total amount for the week all at once.