Paint Samples

5 Amazingly

Creative Uses

for Leftover

Let’s admit it- DIY projects are exciting and one can never get bored of trying out new things to add life to dull and boring corners of our home.

As a result, we are often left with considerable amounts of spare paint samples after our DIY project is over.

If you have plain frames in your home and some left-over paint samples, you can create a colorful corner in your rooms by simply coloring up those boring frames.

Colorful Frames on Your Walls

Have you ever thought that spare samples of paint could be used to add interesting motifs by using stencils? There is no limit to the creativity you can unleash by this simple hack.

Add Magic with Stencils

You can make a good use of your spare paint samples by painting a mural on your balcony wall, living room, or any other corner of your house.

Magnificent Murals