The Half-Payment

Budget Method

Budgeting is the core concept of healthy finances. Saying goodbye to this toxic relationship with money can be easy if you are determined and willing to put effort into managing your income.

What is the Half-Payment Budget Method?

The half-payment method allows you to take your regular monthly bills and divide them in half, setting money aside to make the payment in full on their due date. 

With your first paycheck, you cover the ones due on or before the mid-month. When your second check finally comes in, you pay the remaining expenses, but this time there’s some cash left. 

You need to evaluate if this method works for you. If it does, it’s advised that you start during the pay period with the least amount of bills. Pick just one bill to begin with.

Don’t forget to write everything down on a notebook or excel sheet. If you don’t become well-organized with the way you handle your earnings, the system won’t work.