Keeping accurate records of your transactions will allow you to become familiarized in how you handle your finances and will let you hold yourself accountable for irresponsible purchases.

First, you need to understand that your bank statement and your checkbook register will not always have the same total amounts. The best moment to balance your checkbook is right after you receive your bank statement.

Have your checkbook in hand, as well as a pencil, check stubs, receipts, and bank statements.  Some people like to use different color pens or markers to highlight. Whatever makes the process easier for you.

Help! The numbers don’t match! Check for any math errors in your checkbook register.   You can always call your bank to clear out any outstanding transactions or charges you don’t recognize.

Consider Switching to Online Bill Pay The advantage of sending a check through online bill pay vs. a paper check is that the money gets deducted from your account immediately.