10 Tips for Staying Warm Without Heat or Electricity

Imagine it is the middle of winter and you are living in the northern climate. Suddenly the power is out and you have no idea when it will be back. Do not panic as we are here to give you some amazing hacks to save yourself from the cold clutches of winter.

Keep Your Head Covered

If you want to keep yourself warm without an external heating system, you need to wear warm caps and hats.

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you feel that despite wearing at least two pairs of socks, you are feeling cold, it is probably because you are sweating. You can also try to wear a thin cotton sock as the innermost layer and the woolen ones on top.

Eat and Drink Warm

Consuming warm foods can help in keeping you warm. If it is possible to get some warm food, you can try having some spiced hot cider, coffee, oatmeal or hot chocolate.

Say No To Cigarettes

Do not smoke. You might think that it will make your chest feel warm, but this momentary relief will shunt the blood supply to your hands.