MAY Savings Challenges

May brings us Memorial Day and to remember members of the military who have died protecting our country. Most of these May savings challenges have reminders to remember those who served.

This nickel savings is pretty simple. Save a nickel the first day and so on. If you have spare change around the house it's easy enough to collect nickels in a jar. 

31-Day Nickel Savings Challenge

For this savings challenge printable, you'll save $5 per day. After 31 days you'll have saved $155 total!

31-Day $5 Savings Challenge

May has 31 days. In this challenge, you save $1 more each day than you did the previous. At the end of the month, if you color in all the stars, you'll have saved $496 in 31 days!

31-Day Dollar Savings Challenge

One is filled in with the values you need to reach $250 saved in one month. The second option is a blank chart where you can decide how much each element is worth.

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