Signs of Extreme Frugality

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Frugality is about being prudent and thrifty when it comes to spending money and learning to find the joys of a simple life.

Are You Spending Way Too Much Time Looking for a Deal?

If you’re spending more time penny-pinching and tracking your expenses than making money, reconsider your strategies.

Do You Feel Guilty Spending Money on Basic Needs?

Feeling guilty about spending it on basic needs like food or medicine will compromise your health. This is a huge red flag you might be too frugal.

Is Your Social Life Suffering?

Extreme savers often report being isolated from others and struggle with being generous and showing affection.

Budgeting and the pursuit of financial freedom is a noble and sometimes fun pursuit. When that pursuit starts negatively affecting the quality of life, we must take a step back and reevaluate if we are going overboard.