5 Best Debt Snowball Calculators

for Dave Ramsey Debt Payoff

Paying off debt is not an easy task, especially if you have made a habit of avoiding it. It is an extremely challenging and eye-opening task and has the potential to change your life, when done the right way.

I have used Vertex's spreadsheets for over 10 years now. I absolutely love them. When I had my house, I lived by their amortization calculator to see the effect my extra principal payments would have on interest.


It will give you all the information regarding your debt payment when you select snowball and debt avalanche method so that you can make an informed decision.


This calculator provides with a tentative debt payoff date along with an amortization table and the amount of money you will save in interest.


This is an extremely easy to use calculator and provides excellent visual stimulation. The amortization table provided by them is very user friendly.

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