How To 

Budget and Save Money 

on a Small Income

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While it is true that earning more would make it easier to save more,

how do you save money on a small income?

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To be able to save more you need to tackle your debt

All debt accrues interest at some point or another so you can’t truly start saving until you pay off your debt.

Start extinguishing high-interest rates debt!

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If you are on a low income, saving money will seem to be a difficult task.

Cutting down expenditure even by a dollar may look impossible.

Cut Your Expenses

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Company Match Retirement Plans- If your company contributes a sum against your contribution, go for it.

Tax Breaks- If you qualify for the unique tax benefits make sure your accountant makes full use of them

Take Advantage of Free Money

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Buying online is better as you end up saving the establishment costs that are part of the price in physical stores

One thing to remember when shopping online is moderation.

Shop for Online Discounts