Types of Blogs that Make Money

As a brand new blogger it is normal to wonder what are the types of blogs that make money. Be inspired by the bloggers that have made it big!

Liana Desu blogs about a variety of different topics but from what we can see, Beauty is definitely her forte!

Beauty Blog

by Liana Desu

Bailey blogs about recipies, Whole 30, Paleo and more on her blog, WholeKitchenSink.com.

Food Blog

by Bailey at the WholeKitchenSink

Clary blogs about home, lifestyle, DIY kinds of things. You can learn about budgeting ideas, storage and organization, recipes and more

Home / Lifestyle Blog

by Clary at OhClary

Check it out and think about how you could do something similar for the animal you are an expert on. Maybe dogs, box turtles, guppy fishes or parakeets.

Animal Blog

HelpfulHorseHints.com by April Lee