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How to Sign Up for Coupons by Email and Save $

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Sign up for coupons by email. Seems obvious right! These days it seems like everybody is willing to send you a coupon in exchange for your email address. This is a good thing for those of us that are looking to save as much as possible. There are some easy peasy yet overlooked ways to get discounts with nothing more than your email address. You’ll learn my tips and tricks for how to sign up for coupons by email and save money!

With everything in life, there is a time and value trade off. For me, that is why paper coupons didn’t really work. I’ve had some pretty great hauls with paper coupons but, if you factor in the time spent, it never really penciled out. Email coupons on the other hand, now that is a deal!

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Sign Up for Coupons By Email

Most major companies are more than willing to send you coupons if you give them your email address. This is a win-win.

It doesn’t cost you anything and, when you are ready to shop, you hopefully have a discount coupon or code waiting in your inbox.

The good news is, most retailers can now scan these coupons directly from your phone. That means all you have to do is run a quick search through your inbox with the store name and see what comes up.

5% here, 10% there, the savings can really add up!

But what about stores that don’t have coupons available via email subscribe button? What then?

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Companies to Email for Coupons

For companies that don’t offer online coupons via an email subscribe button, you can always try emailing them directly and ask for coupons. If you are wondering which companies will do this, check out this list of 358 companies to contact for coupons.

Now I’m not saying you should email every coupon on the list but surely there are some brands on here that you use. If you get 20 coupons in that save a dollar each, that’s like twenty dollars free. I mean, who couldn’t use a free $20 right!

What to Write in an Email for Coupons?

I used to get all awkward about asking people for things. Even something as simple as asking a company to send me coupons would make me feel all weird. Now that I learn more and more about marketing, I feel completely different.

These companies are happy you use them and often happy to provide a coupon if they have one available. Your email doesn’t have to be detailed. It can be something like:


I love using your [product name] product. It (does this awesome thing like smells good, makes my house cleaner, looks awesome, whatever). Do you have any coupons available for this or similar products in your line?

Thanks in advance!

Your Name

In just a couple of sentences, you have told them you are a loyal user of their product and complimented the product as well. Seems to me a coupon is a fair exchange!

When writing a coupon email, remember that it isn’t a writing contest and you are not going to be judged on length. Write it up and send it out! Just be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for any replies.

If you are so inclined, you can proactively include your address in the signature line so if they want to mail you a coupon they already have that information.

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Free Discounts for Signing Up Online

Another great way to get online discounts is taking advantage of free trials / discounts. For example, when I signed up for my local grocery store delivery program, they offered me one free delivery. That is awesome in a pinch!

Check the bottom of your receipts too. Often times stores will offer a discount in exchange for your feedback. Fast food places will offer you free food in exchange for a review on your visit. The surveys are usually quick and who doesn’t love a free burger or an extra 20% off yoru next shopping trip!

Worried About Advertiser Spam?

If you are worried about advertising spam flooding your inbox, consider creating a second email just for these types of signups. Most email clients these days make it easy to switch between accounts (I have like 5 gmail accounts). When you are out shopping, search the email account you use for promotions.

The side benefit of this method is that your personal email list is less likely to end up on spam lists you didn’t sign up for.

I hope these tips give you some ideas for ways to get coupons and discounts via email. Have you tried any of them? Let me know which ones worked best for you in the comments!

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